Published on 13-Jan-2011

An active Leopard near Anarwala and Nayagaon villages adjoining Malsi and Raipur forest range is giving sleepless time to citizens there. People are apprehensive about venturing out of their homes when the dusk descends. As a precautionary step the forest department instituted a team there to monitor the Leopards movement.

People around Nayagaon in Anarwala village have been witnessing a big 6-7 feet full-grown Leopard for past three days. On Monday the Leopard was seen lurking near the farm-fields, too close for comfort. Since then the whole village is scared. There seems like a curfew in village come evenings.

Villagers are demanding proactive active from the forest department and relieve them from this scare. A forest team is keeping an eye on the situation under Deputy Ranger Rakesh Negi. The blasted some firecrackers to scare away the Leopard. The villagers have been instructed to stay alert and to alert the forest department if they get any sighting of the Leopard.


Dehradun, (Dainik Jargran) on January 6th, 2011

A Leopard in the Arcadia range adjoining the Dehradun city area is giving sleepless nights to the residents of the area. Residents are angry over this issue as no concrete step has been taken to address this issue. All that the forest officials do is burst 4-5 firecrackers and get done with their job. The villagers demand urgent action.

Note that the Leopard is active in the area since December, 2009. On Tuesday (Jan 4) the leopard went away with another kill by fleeing off with a calf belonging to one poor villager. This has further scared the denizens of the area. People fears to come out of their houses after dusk. The villagers fear for their small children who often have to come and go to school all alone.

Villager’s demands strict action by the forest department against the Leopard fear in the region.

Dehradun, (Dainik Jargran) on Jan 6, 2011

A Leopard considered a nuisance for past six month was finally caught caged within the premises of Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun, Uttarakhand in India. The Leopard was later released into the desnse forest of Malhan range of Shivalik ridge by the forest officials.The range is within the Rajaji National Park forest wildlife reserve.

This particular male Leopard was active for past six month near and around IMA premises. Though there were three separate cages set up to catch this poor cat, but he kept eluding the trap all this while. Finally in the night 4/5 Jan he fall into trap set-up near Kariappa battalion. When in morning the Leopard catch was confirmed the forest department officials reached the spot and took control.

Later the Leopard was taken to the forest office of the Asharodi range. Dehradoon forest department SDO J S Rawat claims the Leopard is about 3-4 years old and iin perfectly good shape. Later in afternoon the Cat was released into Malhan range of Shivalik ridge. Soon as the cage was open this beautiful Leopard jumped off and vanished inside the forest. SDO Rawat claims the Leopard will have ideal habitat and ample kill in this forest range.