Maneater Tiger gunned down

January 28, 2011

Ramnagar (Nainital) – Uttarakhand

Combined efforts of the forest officials and local police gunned down a Tiger who had turned maneater. The Tiger last killed a youth on Wednesday. The Tiger was nabbed by a team of seven elephants and it took the official 32-rounds of ammunition to kill the poor cat.

Puran chand (28 years) was attacked and killed by this maneater Tiger when he ventured out to answer natures call in Sunderkhal adjoining Corbett Tiger Reserve. The local population sat down on an agitation and refused to budge till they (forest dept) kill the Tiger. Their anger was enough for Ramnagar Forest Department SDO Rama Kant Tiwari, forest officials and the police. They tracked down the Tiger who had come back to claim his kill from previous day. He was gunned down with 36-rounds of fire. Far too much ammunition for a single Tiger.

Another sad day when we lost one more Tiger because of humans. This time it wasn’t poaching but sheer lack of human intelligence. It shocks me to realize that humans have no clear-approach to address issues where animals turn man-eaters. Pity on you Jairam Ramesh.



Within hours of making her last human kill the Corbett tigress has been shot upon by the forest officials. The tigress has sustained a bullet shot on her but didn’t die immediately. She ran away into the forest and the forest plus the hunters’ party is tracking the Tigress to hunt her down and kill her. The chance of her survival is low as the team is determined to kill this ill-fated Tigress.

Another wildlife management surprise unfolds after the forest department wilts against the human demands. The forest department was under immense pressure from the villagers to kill the tigress. Ideally they should have trapped the Tigress and should have devised a plan on how to manage the future of the Tigress. Apparently, a cage was set few days ago to trap her but a different male Tiger got trapped accidentally.

The report almost means that another VERY PRECIOUS Tiger is less from the forests on Uttarakhand and India. In other words – humans have killed another one.

This is sad news and another dark day in the life & times of Tiger.

Dead Leopard found

January 11, 2011

Ranikhet: The forest department of the Mohaan range within Corbett Tiger reserve found a dead female Leopard on Monday after the being reported by the villagers. The dead Leopard ignited commotion within the forest department. The Leopard died because of the thorny Porcupine. The Leopard must have attacked a Porcupine which in return infested her body with thorns – a defense mechanism of this unique mammal. There were several porcupine thorns found on the carcass.

The dead female Leopard was discovered by the villagers of Kholyo-Kyari village.

It’s a sad loss, but the natural causes of the death means no foul-play (poaching).

The forest department made another goof up when they trapped wrong Tiger in the Satpuli range of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The department lured a male tiger instead of the man-eater female tigress they have been after. The tigress is to be trapped as she has allegedly turned into a man-eater, making three causalities till Dec 29, 2010.

Alas, this poor male tiger got lured into trap for buffalo meat. He had to suffer for several hours as he had to be tranquilized just because the forest department goofed up. That is not fair.

The forest department must – in a hurry – trap the tigress before she is killed by the villagers. The custom of poisoning a man-eating tiger is prevalent since centuries. And it’s in the best interest of the forest department that they trap the Tigress, find out why she turned into a man-eater and look ways to mend it. She may either be kept in an animal care center or be relocated where she has abundant prey. The point is – find the exact cause and act logically.