India Tiger Census 2011 – Number Grows

March 28, 2011

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the news on the Tiger Census 2011 after a hiatus of three years. With 1706 estimated number of Tigers in wild – highest for any country – India increased its Tiger population to about 20% in three years.

As the news from Ministry of Environment got public few minutes it was pleasing news to ears. With an addition of 295 Tigers in wild across the 39 Tiger Reserves in the country India seems to be going on right track.

I would say good work Jairam Ramesh. Although I have deep apprehensions about the tools and technology implemented for Tiger Census 2011 it’s the best numbers to rely on. There is a lot to mull about these number released by Min of Environment & Forest and the actuality of this census.

Good thing about the census is the inclusion of Sunderbans Tiger habitat where approx 70 wild Tigers were spotted. A question to be asked is if the Jharkhand forests were also included in the Tiger Census or omitted like the previous time. Mr Jairam?


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