Maneater Tiger gunned down

January 28, 2011

Ramnagar (Nainital) – Uttarakhand

Combined efforts of the forest officials and local police gunned down a Tiger who had turned maneater. The Tiger last killed a youth on Wednesday. The Tiger was nabbed by a team of seven elephants and it took the official 32-rounds of ammunition to kill the poor cat.

Puran chand (28 years) was attacked and killed by this maneater Tiger when he ventured out to answer natures call in Sunderkhal adjoining Corbett Tiger Reserve. The local population sat down on an agitation and refused to budge till they (forest dept) kill the Tiger. Their anger was enough for Ramnagar Forest Department SDO Rama Kant Tiwari, forest officials and the police. They tracked down the Tiger who had come back to claim his kill from previous day. He was gunned down with 36-rounds of fire. Far too much ammunition for a single Tiger.

Another sad day when we lost one more Tiger because of humans. This time it wasn’t poaching but sheer lack of human intelligence. It shocks me to realize that humans have no clear-approach to address issues where animals turn man-eaters. Pity on you Jairam Ramesh.



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