Leopard caught in poachers trap

January 14, 2011

A Leopard was found caught in a steel trap in the Raipur forest range near Dehradun within Rajaji National Park range. The Leopard was later tranquilized and taken under veterinary care by the forest department.

Nearby villagers reported this incident after they heard Leopard moaning through far distances. This was reported to the forest department who took ages to turn up before figuring out a way to work upon the situation.

After the incident was reported in morning/early afternoon the forest department was able to rescue the Leopard only by 9pm at night. Very poor standards of the department. And poor fate of the Leopard.


One Response to “Leopard caught in poachers trap”

  1. yogi said

    wondering what took forest dept ages to act on this info. And how the heck poachers setting up steel traps without anyone noticing.

    Far too many questions to get answer for.

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