Kill the Ramnagar Tigress: Locals threats demonstration

January 11, 2011

The local population of Ramnagar town within Corbett National Park threats demonstration if the man-eater Tigress isn’t killed soon. The Tigress is under scanner after killing fourth women in Ramnagar area. The villagers are hell-bent on killing the Tigress or threats of severe consequences. The tigress is infamously being called as Lady-killer.

But what they do not realize that venturing into forest to collect grass and wood is not fair either. Once you move into a Tiger reserve forest area you are always a potential prey for wild animals that know no boundaries or limitation. If there is danger lurking around and if it is obvious that there is a man-eater Tiger around then communities must take proactive action. Do not venture into forest unless you are in large group. Even in groups do not stray away alone. Make sure you are in large numbers. It’s the villagers best bet to save their own lives.


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