Elephants on Rishikesh-Dehradun road

January 11, 2011

Re-occurrence of Elephants on the Rishikesh-Dehradun motor road triggered panic in the forest department on Monday. The elephants blocked the traffic thrice on Monday compelling the forest department to come into their cruel self. The elephants were air-fired upon and were pushed backed into the forest to regulate traffic.

What the forest department hasn’t been taught is how to handle incidents when Elephants blocks the road. Firing on them makes them their enemies and which is why we have seen a few human casualties of late. The irritated animals know that humans are their obvious enemies.

What is more surprising is that well studied people like a Chief Wildlife Warden or Rangers are so under-trained on handling incidents involving delicate wild animals. It is a pity and an indicator of the dangers that looms over these poor animals. Note that that the 820 sq km Rajaji National Park now has only 450-odd elephants and their number is dwindling for many years.


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