Tipu the tusker got medical attention

January 8, 2011

Rishkesh, Uttarakhand The male tusker named Tipu who got injured during a battle with another tusker got medical attention after being tranquilized by the expert veterinarian. Apparently, the tusker got injured after a long fight with another tusker while trying to join in a herd of elephant. As per the report Tipu got a six-inch long hole in his trunk, which made it almost impossible for him to eat, and the situation for him is worrisome. All the elite forest officers were working towards this cause in the Motichur Range of Rajaji national Park. As per the report the duel between the two tuskers lasted for more than 10-hours. The duel injured Tipu badly. The forest officials had to fire several rounds of gunshots to separate the two giant elephants after they feared the worst. After they had to intimate the veterinary staff in order to provide medical attention to Tipu. Dr Gautam Rpiy Bhalla from WTI provided all the expertise after tranquilizing the tusker. The procedure lasted for five long hours. Others than his trunk, Tipu also incurred injury to his neck and leg. Chief Wildlife Warden for Uttarakhand SRikant Chandola and other prominent wildlife officials were present to oversee the operation. A team of forest guards is been appointed around Tipu to ensure the battle between the tuskers do not embark again. Commendable job! Another story in a newspaper suggest that handling cases like the one above are vital towards wildlife research and analysis.


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