Jairam Ramesh brace up saving Freshwater Dolphins

January 6, 2011

A recent piece of news indicated that Jairam Ramesh, the chief of Environment plus Forests of India aims to revive the status of Freshwater Dolphins in India. He is apparently looking to put a lid on a whole amount of litter that flows into prime Indian rivers like Ganges, Yamuna, Brahamaputra etc. These rivers are home to about 1800 freshwater Dolphins, considered third most intelligent living beings on earth.  BOLLOCKS (In capital). Rather than visiting Crocodile farms and bickering in Cancun and convincing us one billion plus people that he is upto the task, Jairam not just have to roll up his sleeves but got to take off his clothes, jump in this murky river, fish out these very rare specie of Dolphins and nurture them under his watchful eyes. Like they say – at his own backyard. He cannot be dupe to keep Tigers as his mainstay animals and let Dolphins die away in fishing nets. Doesn’t he know that life begins in water, and can very easily wipe of if the water ecology is punctured.

According to me cleaning up the rivers is an approach that comes lower down the order. What actually disturb the population of dolphins are a) dams, and b) fishing by jerks in the Indian rivers.

The news piece suggests the Ganga Action Plan (GAP) is already underway as a measure to address the cause this beautiful aquatic specie. What about those hundreds of tributaries that dumps its water (and its trash) into Ganges? Anyone cares to clean them up.

The news may be very encouraging for prominent scientist of India Dr Sandeep Behera – who have been rigorously working towards this cause, but not for some of us Naturalists who gets to read a news piece but NEVER gets to see an action. Jairam must not get stuck within the political turmoil. I believe it’s his ONE CHANCE of life to change the fortune of environment on face of earth forever. Common Jairam… do it for your grand children, grand-grand children, for humanity. Or the earth may never see them. Give it a good thought or you may _ _ _ _ off. Like most others.


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